Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Skater Girl

Antidote Magazine - Icon Issue

(images from fashiongonerogue)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Osaka Hamburger Monster

 (thanks to Takasaki san and Mukai san for the lovely time!)

During the last week of June, I went to Osaka. It was a good trip, I got to spend 5 whole days with my family (which is extremely difficult these days with work and everything happening in your life). But I would have done the trip better if I was going on my own. I didn't have enough time to really see the city.

On the last day, I could finally squeezed some time to explore the city for a bit. With a super simple map in hands, (really, there were only train stations' names on it). I walked around looking for interesting places and people.

Hamburger Monster is a little shop that you can easily miss, because right opposite is a huge cafe with really sophisticate decoration. I was hungry and super eager some carbohydrates, so instead, I went into this tiny hamburger place.

The owner Takasaki san is a huge fan of skater culture, and Urban Outfitters. That's why the place was Californian inspired. With over 10 years of making burgers (!), Takasaki san said the key to the perfect burger is not the meat, nor the bread, it's the balance and the experience of the first bite. As for the burger, you can't see it here as I was just too hungry that I couldn't wait a second before stuffing it in my mouth, do forgive me.

 Address: Shinsaibashi Nishi 101-1-14-7, Minamihorie Nishiku, Osaka

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fendi FW 2012

This day, I went to see the new Fendi collection, which I thought was quite brilliant. I do like the idea of bird's wings on the shoulder (in a sophisticated sort of way, not as a Halloween costume way), but seeing so much fur under the temperature of 33 degrees outside makes me sweat. The bags are my favourite, and those iPad cases, fascinating but weighted so much more than the iPad itself... hmm

Monday, July 9, 2012



Forget wedding gowns, can I be married in Valentino?

These amazing gowns from Valentino's 2012 haute couture collection are even fancier than a traditional white wedding dress. Maybe a wedding dress make you feel like a princess on your big day, these beauties, however, make you the queen.

Instead of the signature red, royal blue was starred as the leading lady in this collection, which makes it a little less glamorous but a little more elegant.

Ladies, may this be your alternatives when it comes to your big decision?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Can you tell me where I can get those...?

If I really need to name one fashion accessory that I cannot live without, or have the weakest point with, without any hesitation, HATS. I just find them adorable, and they definitely add that extra something to the outfit. You know how there are programs which when you play a song or type in a few lines of lyrics, they will tell you the name of the song and the singer? If I am a super smart geek/software programmer, I will make one which tells you the designer and where you can get it when you show a picture of the fashion item (or maybe there already is one? I am not very up-to-date with these kind of software or apps, if so, can you please let me know?)

Anyways, my next target, in addition to my hat collection, is an oversize hip-hop baseball cap (like the one in the middle of the image. Hey-yo.

Friday, November 25, 2011

So what do you say?

I know I know, we are bad, BAD bloggers. We don't post frequently enough, and we don't keep our promises (yea, about those wardrobe traumatize moments..). But hey! here I am, posting random pictures that I pull from the amusing cyber space, and here you are, still reading this post which actually doesn't mean anything. It can't be THAT bad right??

OH, and another thing which makes us BAD bloggers is that, we don't quite talk about ourselves in this blog. I can't speak for S, but the thing is, I am a true believer of 'an image speaks a thousand words', and I'd much rather show you pictures than write about it, I am sure you wouldn't want to see a 1000-word essay here.

AND I am a terrible terrible photographer.
Most of the time I am just so indulge in the moment that I completely threw the idea of sharing out of the window.

AND generally I just don't think you are really interested to know what is happening in my tiny little world (tell me if I am wrong).

But do tell me, what would you like to see in here?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Undress Brisbane Rooftop Runway | 15th October 2011

Do you love fashion? Will you be in Brisbane this Saturday, the 15th of October? Are you 18 and above? If you've nodded and checked all the boxes, this event is for you.

Undress Brisbane will be having not one, not two, but THREE runway shows. (I'm excited as I know it's organised by the lovely ladies who were behind last year's FROCK It.)

Anna Lisa | Emma Price | Angela Leggett | Harriette Hill | Mary-Claire

RA RA Superstar | My Grandmas Wardrobe | Bang Doll Vintage

No Formula | East of Grey | Madonna Bain | This is Bento | OneColour | Holloway Eyewear | KissinCussin

'Sustainability' is the name of the game as Undress Brisbane aims to demonstrate how we can all have a positive impact in our environment in an everyday action of deciding on what to wear. It starts at 7pm at 31 Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley on the rooftop of Wilson Parking Chinatown.

Don sustainable garments, grab your friends along and enjoy this splendid spring starry night. Free tickets are available if you register here (otherwise tickets are $10 at the door).


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Details - Chanel

Things I love in the Chanel S/S 12 collection.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

About me

Apologies for the MIA, but I have finally wrapped up my golden study years and head to the professional world, in Hong Kong. Yes people, I have left the land of great Australia and move back to my home city. The departure with Australia was bittersweet. I hate to leave a place where so many talented and individual designers are appreciated, but I am excited to step into the hub where Eastern and Western fashion blend so well together in. I truly am blessed.

Now that I am officially a working young woman, I have to start another bittersweet and complicated relationship, with my work wardrobe. The good news is, I am still in the fashion industry, where I am allowed to have a little fun with my wardrobe. The bad news is, I really have to start planning my expenses (and my diet) more carefully. From now on, like it or not, I will start rambling about my wardrobe crisis here. If you love to read about people's traumatize moments, you are in for a treat.