Friday, November 25, 2011

So what do you say?

I know I know, we are bad, BAD bloggers. We don't post frequently enough, and we don't keep our promises (yea, about those wardrobe traumatize moments..). But hey! here I am, posting random pictures that I pull from the amusing cyber space, and here you are, still reading this post which actually doesn't mean anything. It can't be THAT bad right??

OH, and another thing which makes us BAD bloggers is that, we don't quite talk about ourselves in this blog. I can't speak for S, but the thing is, I am a true believer of 'an image speaks a thousand words', and I'd much rather show you pictures than write about it, I am sure you wouldn't want to see a 1000-word essay here.

AND I am a terrible terrible photographer.
Most of the time I am just so indulge in the moment that I completely threw the idea of sharing out of the window.

AND generally I just don't think you are really interested to know what is happening in my tiny little world (tell me if I am wrong).

But do tell me, what would you like to see in here?

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