Saturday, August 4, 2012

Osaka Hamburger Monster

 (thanks to Takasaki san and Mukai san for the lovely time!)

During the last week of June, I went to Osaka. It was a good trip, I got to spend 5 whole days with my family (which is extremely difficult these days with work and everything happening in your life). But I would have done the trip better if I was going on my own. I didn't have enough time to really see the city.

On the last day, I could finally squeezed some time to explore the city for a bit. With a super simple map in hands, (really, there were only train stations' names on it). I walked around looking for interesting places and people.

Hamburger Monster is a little shop that you can easily miss, because right opposite is a huge cafe with really sophisticate decoration. I was hungry and super eager some carbohydrates, so instead, I went into this tiny hamburger place.

The owner Takasaki san is a huge fan of skater culture, and Urban Outfitters. That's why the place was Californian inspired. With over 10 years of making burgers (!), Takasaki san said the key to the perfect burger is not the meat, nor the bread, it's the balance and the experience of the first bite. As for the burger, you can't see it here as I was just too hungry that I couldn't wait a second before stuffing it in my mouth, do forgive me.

 Address: Shinsaibashi Nishi 101-1-14-7, Minamihorie Nishiku, Osaka

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