Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello Sydney!

After been through all those packing drama, I arrived in Sydney.
Apparently I have over packed for my trip (i had a sore arm carrying my bag around) due to my 'just in case' theory.

My first Sydney day schedule:
12:00 enjoying delicious seafood under the sun at the Fish Market and spending some great time with my old friends.
14:15 Headed to the fashion week briefing at Overseas Passenger Terminal in the afternoon. Met a lot fashionistas, I should have taken so many pictures but my camera decided to fail on me by going out of battery.
15:30 Went to Paddington for coffee and window shopping with some friends.
19:30 Ended my day with homemade sushi.
Ain't that the perfect Sunday?

My first shift at the RAFW starts at 14:00 tomorrow. Extremely excited. But first I have to make a quick run to the shops to get a black top tomorrow. Stay tune for my next update.

Big kisses.

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