Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 1

My first day of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week:
16:00 Rachel Gilbert. Lots of sequins, tailoring and waists. Plastic transparent 6 inches heels, models nearly tripped over. Ouch.
18:30 Aurelio Costarella. Assigned to be a 'plastic', which is those people who tear the giant plastic sheet off the catwalk right before the show. The whole procedure had to be done in 20 seconds, no kidding, I was literally wrapped by the plastic sheet. Fur, nude colours, ruffles for the collection. Gorgeous evening gowns. The non-stop camera shutters sounded like rain.
20:30 Christopher Esber. Saw Mr Scott Schumann and Ms Garance Dore's name tag on the front row, didn't think they had come though. So crowded inside the hall, didn't even have a place to stand. Susie Lau, a.k.a. Ms Style Bubble sat right next to me, had to control myself not to touch her so that I knew I was not looking at a laptop screen. Absolutely stunning designs. Very minimalistic, very celine. Fell in love with the leather sleeveless dress.

Didn't eat for 10 hours straight, now I know why fashion people are so skinny. Totally worth it but make me type really short sentences and use a lot of full stops for no reason. Can't wait for my second day. Now I am off to bed. Bisou.

P.S. Photos taken with my little camera phone, apologies for the poor quality.

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