Saturday, May 1, 2010

6 hours before..

OK, I am panicing, I have 10 days of outfits to decide (including my day functioning wear and night partying wear), approximately 5 days of trip to plan, and 8 emails to write. 6 and a half hours to go till my flight to Sydney.

I have been in Brisbane for almost 2 years, and this is my first time to Sydney. After hearing all the good things/bad things about it, you can probably imagine how excited I am when I know that I am going to Rosemount Sydney Fashion Week, and how panic I am right now not putting a single thing in my luggage.

I actually find myself spend more time day dreaming what it would be like during the fashion week than actually doing the stuff that I need to do. Not good. More panicing now. And now I completely forgot my purpose of writing this post, shit.

Before I develop this post into a thousand word essay repeating the same line. I am letting you know that I will be keeping you update about my trip in Sydney. If you are expecting the Sartorialist kind of pictures here I am sorry I'll have to let you down, because Es who owns and knows how to use a proper camera is not coming with me (damn you Es!)

However, I will try my best with my crappy camera and my poor photography techniques to take you with me to the shows. I am off to pack my bags!

Big kisses.

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