Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 2

It's only day 2 and I am already tired. I am telling you, 8 hours of sitting down, standing up, walking around and bending down is not easy. Fashion is pain, even though I am in sneakers all day. Didn't take many pictures today because 1. the lights inside the hall were so bright that all the outfits taken with my camera phone are plain white light bulbs 2. the Nicola Finetti show was so packed that I couldn't move my feet and I had to hold on to the bars so I don't fall on people 3. I was simply too tired and bothered to take pictures, the professional photographers are definitely better at their jobs than I am. I did took couple of videos but I will have to edit them when I go back to Brisbane.

The highlight of the day is seeing Christine Centenera at Nicola Finetti's show, she is truly amazing and stylish. Jennifer Hawkins showed up to the show too. She had her photos taken right in front of me, all the flash lights hurt my eyes, errgh.

Right now, I desparately need some sleep since I don't even know what I am typing. Bisou.

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