Friday, July 9, 2010


I have probably spent too many afternoons and money on coffees with fashion magazines during the holidays. When all your friends are out of the countries either enjoying a summer vacation or visiting families, and you are so sick of your lap top screen that you have to hide it under your bed, books and magazines are the way to get you through your days.

Some time earlier, a friend of mine asked me to write for a newly launched free fashion/trend magazine in Hong Kong (yes I can read and write Chinese). I don't know what the local fashion magazines have in content and what the readers want, so I asked my friend who went back for holidays to get me copies of all the fashion magazines she could find. I ended up spending a few more afternoons with them and finally getting to have some ideas of what I am going to write. Now I am off to write some drafts for the feature articles for the future Vogue Hong Kong!

P.S. S is coming back from Singapore today (finally!). Hope we can get the street snap shots back on soon. Bisou.

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