Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Runaway has left me intrigued and stringing theories for the yays and nays of Kanye's latest creative production. Released to the public last Saturday, Runaway is a 35 minute film featuring former Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks, and music from his upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (out November 22).

Phoenix falls to Earth, boy meets phoenix, boy falls in love but phoenix leaves Earth when attempts to integrate into an unaccepting society ends with a mega-fail. He's got some other interesting references embedded too - a tribute to Michael Jackson, the KKK, and a party pooping poultry being served for dinner? (read: West vs. Taylor Swift at the VMAs?)

Now for the highlights: (1) Cute animals in the backyard. (2) Choreography + ballerinas. (3) Fierce feathery frockage by Phillip Lim being equally distracting as Ebanks' amazing body!

Did you really think that this post would be unrelated to fashion?! :P What are your thoughts on Runaway?



Matt said...

I honestly hold very little respect for Kanye West, particularly after reading about his diamond teeth. Did he not sing: "Diamonds from Sierra Leone"?

I guess you either love him or hate him and his antics.

Grunge & Romance said...

Oh yes, I left that out! Saw it on Ellen and couldn't believe that he replaced his teeth for them :| Well, maybe he thinks the song is in a different context as there's no talk about the combination of diamonds + gold lolz