Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 4

I don't know how the front/back stage crew deal with the 16 hours per day fashion week schedule, I really don't. I just see the front stage manager Ben down 2 cans (or maybe more) of red bull every day and assumingly a lot of cigarettes. Fashion week is hectic.

It's Day 4, Kirrily Johnston, TAFE desginers and Lui Hon were in the picture. Kirrily Johnston delievered the collection to my heart, tribal print, loud neck pieces and wearable yet fashion forward dresses. Saw Christine Centenera again at Lui Hon in her signature brown Celine leather biker jacket, should have taken a picture of her.

Rumour has it that Alexa Chung was going to be in RAFW, just so you know, she is never here. I think the photographers would go nuts if she actually showed up. I wonder who would sit next to her.

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