Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bang Doll Vintage

Located on 163 Boundary Street in West End, Bang Doll Vintage is the brainchild of founders Sonia and David. Hailing from humble beginnings at the back of a van parked every Saturday morning at the West End markets, and a little shop in Toogan; Sonia and David decided it was time to relocate and set up a more permanent shopfront - that was 3 years ago when they made that decision and haven't looked back eversince.

Bang Doll Vintage is the perfect place to go source for anything imaginable from the 50s - 80s. Be it leather jackets, fur vests or suede gloves, you'll surely find your perfect match. Invest in timeless pieces, as "trends change rapidly, so people tend to go back to the old stuff" reasons Sonia.

When V and I first stepped into BDV, I thought we'd stepped into OCD heaven. Every piece is handled and treated with the respect they deserve - every piece dry cleaned, mended, fumigated and comes with a declaration of hazmat clearance... Ok, you get my drift. You know you'll be getting your money's worth, without needing to worry if you'll smell of roadkill, or having an umcomfortably sticky situation (pun so intended).

New stocks come in flocks of 20 - 30 pieces every Saturday, with t-shirts mainly from Canada, military styled items from the Soviet Union and Cowboy boots from LA to name a few.

So, students, why not hop into BDV and take the full advantage of your 10% discount? You might just bump into the boys from Evermore or Cut Copy if they're in town and back to visit this little gem of a shop.

Images look familiar? They're for the Movember 2009 campaign, by Damien Bredberg Photography. Cool and awesome retro styling? Where did they get the pieces to put these looks together? You guessed it right - Bang Doll Vintage!

100 stars for customer service and entertainment value. Sonia and David, you guys are such an inspiration for putting aside your past jobs to go after your passion. I skidaddled out of BDV wanting to do a Hairspray or Grease number through West End.

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