Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shh..don't tell fannie

The first thing I noticed when I stepped into Don't Tell Fannie, is that blue floral mini dress with lace straps, hanging in the center of the shop. Perfect for garden parties.

If you have been to the shop I Hate My Skirt in West End, you should be familiar with Paige. She used to do modeling in Singapore, then she came back to Brisbane and started a business in fashion retailing with her business partner. They focus on supporting local emerging young designers in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

There are lots of colours and patterns among the racks, which will give your mood a lift when you walk in. The clothes are neatly sorted by colours so you can always spot your favourite at first glance.

You will find the garments in Don't Tell Fannie are mainly one-off pieces, because they are all hand-made by the designers. They do take custom orders, but since the designers mostly use recycle fabrics for they clothes, it's unlikely that you will get the dress with the same pattern or fabrics. That means you will not walk down Queens Street finding a dozen girls wearing the same dress as you. That is also why the shop name was chosen - we all want that little exclusiveness in fashion, don't we? Don't tell those bitches/copycats that we found this fabulous shop which sells cute dresses.

Next time, when you just happen to be in West End for the awesome cafes, stop by Don't Tell Fannie, and maybe you'll find your signature piece. But shhhh.. Don't Tell Fannie!

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