Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I used to find it difficult to dress when the season of my city is exactly opposite to the rest of the world, but after a year and half of experiencing and experimenting my wardrobe, I find myself quite enjoy this opposition. I actually get to browse through all the styles and looks of other cities' 'current season' before picking my favourite and put them on for my 'coming season' (and of course, the best part is that all the stores would be on sale at that time).
I got so many inspirations for the coming fall/winter(for Australia, duh) from 2010 A/W fashion weeks, this is just one of them. There are more to come but the rest will have to wait since I am supposed to be doing the assignment for my uni class right now..(gosh I am tired already!)

Faux Fur(and yes, I am looking at faux fur coats on ebay instead of researching for my assignment..)

big kisses


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Lena said...

Heyyy I love your blog Victoria ! When do you post something on the bigest fashion of Brisbane, Blanche !!??? lol