Saturday, March 13, 2010


Who is not waiting for Chanel during Paris Fashion Week?
The fashion giant who literally decides what is hot for the season.

As usual, Karl Lagerfeld just know exactly the material to use, the look to go for, which classic pieces to keep and what new element to add.
The show starts with a massive iceberg in the middle of the stage, (yes, real iceberg, which will melt to become water under heat, and energy is released.. ok, enough about physics, my brain is malfunctioning due to the 8-hours-straight class i had today) so you can see water everywhere (oh Karl, you are curel enough to let your coats and dresses being dragged through water!)
Is Eskimo the inspiration for this collection?
i can definitely see a lot of fur and frindge going on there.
Those leather jackets with fur hemline are brilliant, and i would die for the dolly dresses in the collection (well i would die for any dresses in Chanel's any collection actually).
In winter, the whole outfit is determined by a jacket/coat, since that would be the first thing that people see on you, then your accessories and shoes. Karl has done a good job on the outer wear this season (but when doesn't he?)

i do love the accessories, especially the rings and the fringe bracelet. Oh and there is a crystal transparent clutch which is so cute, now i want to find it's mock version.

i usually have a weakness for Chanel's shoes, but when i saw the fur thigh high boots, my heart sank. I AM AGAINST FUR BOOTS! don't ask me why, i can't explain. It's like you hate that certain male judge in that famous American singing talent show when you first saw him, you don't know why, you just hate him.
now i can really feel my brain cells starting to die and my thoughts are all over the place. My soul is with my warm lovely queen size bed already. Time to call it a night.

Big kisses.



Anonymous said...

The clutch is tres cute!

Lena said...

It is the incarnated class !

Grunge & Romance said...

Let me know if you guys see any mock version of the clutch.

Karl Lagerfeld can do no wrong. x